quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2014


Hello Everyone lol
Start Now the first Round the OMG ROOM 

Check this Store for this Round .:deeR:. /{W&R}/ Oh lala!/ Ashmoot/2 clean/ blah.Blah.blah!/ Like Design/
Panda Punx/ Pervett/ .:WoW Skin:./ Emporium/ RD Style/ Brii Underground Wear
No Cabide/Kyxe's 4Seasons / J&A Rock Culture/ Formis Design/ Forever/ Pulse/ WTB/ PB Design/ Thuca Desing/ J.Allen Store/ LB Jewels/ Storax Tree/ Pelle/ Miss Noise/ Sugar/
JAVA Fashion/ Rash Creation/ Loordes of London/ KL Couture/ YD Skin & Clothing/Tattoo Mania

During the event I'll post some items that are available it!

Check out some items that are in the event
  * Formis Desing - 85L Each
* Forever - 100L Each

* JAVA Design - 25L

* KL Couture - 85L

* Rash Creations - 100L 

* .:WoW Skin - 99L Each

* Pervette * 65L

* Pulse - 100L

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